There Are Far Too Many Loan Companies Near Me

So many payday loan places near me

This may seem like a minor issue to some but for me, this is an extremely delicate issue. I live in a nice little subdivision that is located just on the outskirts of downtown. I’m only about five minutes away from the shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants and worst of all, too many loan companies near me. Where did they all come from and why are they so close to my home?

This is only a problem for me because I have recently paid off all my personal loans and credit card balances. It took me almost five years to do so, and I am determined to not open any more lines of credit, but it’s a struggle. I made the choice to rid myself of these accounts in order to focus on the essential debts associated with living. However, I am extremely tempted to return to my life of credit extensions, especially when passing a loan company on each corner. It really shouldn’t be this difficult or I should at least be able to overlook them, but that’s just not happening. It seems that each of these companies is whispering my name with their little ads offering low interest rates, 90 days same as cash and other attractive incentives to reel me in.

It may sound as if I’m exaggerating but you would have to understand how hard it is for me to just walk away. I’m that person who would secure a loan just to take a trip for the summer or open a line of credit to fund a new hobby. Once I’m done, more than half my monthly pay is owed to loan payments. It was a frustrating process paying them off and that should be enough motivation to keep me from borrowing again. However, I always have the best intentions when I apply for any loan. I tell myself, just pay the money back within 90 days and it’s no big deal, or how much sense it makes to save my money and utilize a credit card to pay for this vacation. These are the little issues I have that can easily turn into big problems that carry monthly payments once per month.