Car insurance in NJ is too expensive! // Blog post #1

expensive car insurance

Well looks like my first blog post is going to be a rant…

I’m pretty mad, so this post may come off as very aggressive and angry and it is!

I just got off the phone with my insurance company and it looks like I’m going to be paying an extra $22 dollars a month in car insurance.

What for you may ask?

NO reason at all. I haven’t gotten into any accidents, I didn’t upgrade my car, I didn’t move.

The insurance company just wants me to pay more…

Seriously, thats it.

First thing I did when I got off the phone with this insurance company is google cheap auto insurance in NJ, and found a pretty good site,

I compared a few companies with the site above and found some awesome deals. Now I’ll be saving $60 dollars a month.

So here’s the lesson for today: Insurance companies will try to rip you off if they can.

This is kinda of like jobs, if you stay at one place too long they start to undervalue you so you need to switch jobs.

Insurance companies are the same. You need to switch every few years because if you don’t you’re going to pay more then you need to.

P.S I wonder how much the car insurance for the car pictured above would cost. I’m going to guess it would cost more then my entire car.

^ this really makes me sad to think about lol.

Welcome to ScaleViews

cad design example

Hello and welcome to Scale Views. My name is Jay, I’m a cad designer working at a small startup in New Jersey. I do cad design consulting on the side, so if you need some work done please shoot me an email at jay@

Okay here’s the important info

  • Age: 31
  • Gender: Male
  • Favorite food: Tacos!
  • Favorite movie: Spirited Away
  • Hobbies: Biking, reading and learning to program
  • Married: YES!
  • Kids: NO!

Okay, now that the fun stuff is over with lets talk about what this blog is for. I’m making this blog to talk about two things

  • My life ( It is a blog after all)
  • CAD

Don’t know what CAD is? No problem. CAD stands for computer aided design. CAD is used for everything, from designing plane parts to 3d printing.

Thanks to 3D printing it’s getting more and more popular. This blog will mainly focus on the 3d printing aspect of CAD.

If you wanna connect with me I recommend emailing me. I try to read my email at least once a day, so it shouldn’t be too hard to reach me.