Welcome to ScaleViews

cad design example

Hello and welcome to Scale Views. My name is Jay, I’m a cad designer working at a small startup in New Jersey. I do cad design consulting on the side, so if you need some work done please shoot me an email at jay@http://scaleviews.com/

Okay here’s the important info

  • Age: 31
  • Gender: Male
  • Favorite food: Tacos!
  • Favorite movie: Spirited Away
  • Hobbies: Biking, reading and learning to program
  • Married: YES!
  • Kids: NO!

Okay, now that the fun stuff is over with lets talk about what this blog is for. I’m making this blog to talk about two things

  • My life ( It is a blog after all)
  • CAD

Don’t know what CAD is? No problem. CAD stands for computer aided design. CAD is used for everything, from designing plane parts to 3d printing.

Thanks to 3D printing it’s getting more and more popular. This blog will mainly focus on the 3d printing aspect of CAD.

If you wanna connect with me I recommend emailing me. I try to read my email at least once a day, so it shouldn’t be too hard to reach me.


There Are Far Too Many Loan Companies Near Me

So many payday loan places near me

This may seem like a minor issue to some but for me, this is an extremely delicate issue. I live in a nice little subdivision that is located just on the outskirts of downtown. I’m only about five minutes away from the shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants and worst of all, too many loan companies near me. Where did they all come from and why are they so close to my home?

This is only a problem for me because I have recently paid off all my personal loans and credit card balances. It took me almost five years to do so, and I am determined to not open any more lines of credit, but it’s a struggle. I made the choice to rid myself of these accounts in order to focus on the essential debts associated with living. However, I am extremely tempted to return to my life of credit extensions, especially when passing a loan company on each corner. It really shouldn’t be this difficult or I should at least be able to overlook them, but that’s just not happening. It seems that each of these companies is whispering my name with their little ads offering low interest rates, 90 days same as cash and other attractive incentives to reel me in.

It may sound as if I’m exaggerating but you would have to understand how hard it is for me to just walk away. I’m that person who would secure a loan just to take a trip for the summer or open a line of credit to fund a new hobby. Once I’m done, more than half my monthly pay is owed to loan payments. It was a frustrating process paying them off and that should be enough motivation to keep me from borrowing again. However, I always have the best intentions when I apply for any loan. I tell myself, just pay the money back within 90 days and it’s no big deal, or how much sense it makes to save my money and utilize a credit card to pay for this vacation. These are the little issues I have that can easily turn into big problems that carry monthly payments once per month.

No Deposit Car Insurance and My First Uber Experience

I like to think that I’m always open to try new things but there are limits. I’ve ziplined, rock climbed, parachuted and more. So, it’s pretty safe to say that I don’t mind an adventure. However, there is one pretty common thing that I hadn’t the pleasure of experiencing and to be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to doing so. All of my friends and colleagues keep telling me that I should take Uber to my weekly business luncheons downtown. According to them, it will save me money on fuel, parking tolls and not to mention the hassle of having to park a mile away from my destination in the parking garage.

I had a few reservations about Uber, although I’ve only heard good things. It’s something about relying on someone else to pick me up in their personal vehicle to transport me to my preferred destination. These are strangers to me you know. Well, I have ridden in taxi cabs before and I don’t know the drivers of the cabs either. However, Uber carried a bit of an intimidating presence in my opinion but for what it’s worth, I was willing to give it a try. I was meeting my son downtown to complete the paperwork for his no deposit car insurance and instead of driving, I ordered an Uber.

The experience was one that I found to be quite pleasing. The driver arrived in a timely manner and was extremely professional the entire time. It almost seems like a courier service for the rich and famous. My driver introduced himself, asked if the temperature was comfortable and if had a music preference. This was indeed a great idea and I can’t believe I hadn’t tried Uber earlier but I plan to make up for all lost time. I’ve already pre-scheduled my weekly luncheons and set up a family plan for my wife and daughter to utilize Uber as well. Who knows? After a while, we may decide to give up driving altogether and order a driver when we need to go someplace. Just kidding.

I’m not sure who came up with the idea of Uber but it is a great one and I’m sure it has saved many lives over time. I told my seventeen-year-old daughter to take advantage of the service and anytime she finds herself out without reliable transportation to call Uber and get home safe. I’m thinking of driving for uber part time a little, so I’ve looked into who has the cheapest auto insurance for uber, and apparently uber does!

Soccer Tips that Will Improve Your Tennis Game

tennis vs soccer

I wrote an epic and amazing aweosme guide for improving you tennis game ( I like to gloat :P).

I was a soccer coach, but I’ve moved on to tennis now; my new love. Tennis and soccer are more similar than most people think, I wrote this guide a while back, but I decided to re-write it and make it better so I can post it on this blog!

Soccer looks as dissimilar to tennis as home cats look to lions and tigers. However, some soccer skills translate well to your tennis game, as mine did. Training routines for soccer often mirror training regimens for tennis players.

You can use these soccer tips to help improve your tennis game, as they’ve done with mine.

Soccer Tips that Improve Your Tennis Game

  • Communicate freely and often.

    When you play singles, most of the communication until the match is over, is with yourself. Soccer teams must communicate with each other even if they’ve played together for years. However, doubles tennis demands free, constant communication with your partner, similar to soccer players’ communication (with words and/or actions) with each other.
  • Play the ball fast and smartly.

    Don’t just kick or dribble the ball too long. You will lose it to a defender. Similarly, when playing tennis, you should have a purpose with every shot. When playing soccer, make your passes crisp and quickly, before defenders have a chance to get to you. The same plan helps you and your teammates get off good shots on goal. When playing tennis, an identical plan helps you minimize opponents’ returns and helps you win more games. That’s why most good coaches recommend you prepare for your shots as early as possible, returning shots crisply and before your opponent gets set.

  • Fake a defender to slow him/her down and generate indecision.

    A simple head fake when you’re dribbling the ball, often “freezes” a defender momentarily, which is all you need to maintain possession and cover ground. You can also make it look like you’re going to pass or shoot, which achieves the same goal. When playing tennis, use your eyes to falsely indicate where your next shot is going (very effective when playing experienced opponents). At the last moment, use your footwork to change the direction of your return to keep your opponent off guard and unprepared.

  • Swing the ball from one side to the other.

    Be aggressive, but not foolishly overaggressive. Making cross-field passes in soccer will slow down defenders and help midfielders and forwards get open for good shots on goal. When you play tennis, as long as you don’t try to make every shot “kick up chalk” on a side- or end-line, hitting crosscourt returns can tire your opponent, making it easier for you to win points, games, and matches.

  • Cross the ball to help attackers get off good shots.

    Soccer players often keep opponents off-guard by making what look like “blind passes” to teammates. Of course, these are not really blind passes, as players use their peripheral vision to target teammates, but they surprise most opponents, keeping them from quickly closing on your teammate. Amateur tennis players who are able to disguise their crossing returns, also can “surprise” opponents, making them one-step too late getting to the ball, preventing a strong shot back at you. In doubles tennis, your partner may also get a winner, by making a crisp shot off an opponent’s weak return.

These tips will make you a better soccer player as well as a better tennis player. I use them regularly because they improve my singles and doubles tennis performances.

Car insurance in NJ is too expensive! // Blog post #1

expensive car insurance

Well looks like my first blog post is going to be a rant…

I’m pretty mad, so this post may come off as very aggressive and angry and it is!

I just got off the phone with my insurance company and it looks like I’m going to be paying an extra $22 dollars a month in car insurance.

What for you may ask?

NO reason at all. I haven’t gotten into any accidents, I didn’t upgrade my car, I didn’t move.

The insurance company just wants me to pay more…

Seriously, thats it.

First thing I did when I got off the phone with this insurance company is google cheap auto insurance in NJ, and found a pretty good site, autoinsurancemonkey.com.

I compared a few companies with the site above and found some awesome deals. Now I’ll be saving $60 dollars a month. Which is nearly how much I was paying for auto insurance in texas

So here’s the lesson for today: Insurance companies will try to rip you off if they can.

This is kinda of like jobs, if you stay at one place too long they start to undervalue you so you need to switch jobs.

Insurance companies are the same. You need to switch every few years because if you don’t you’re going to pay more than you need to. Anyway I found a good deal on some very cheap car insurance no deposit ( Here: http://verycheapcarinsurancenodeposit.net/). Here’s a tip: No deposit car insurance rocks. Look into it if you want the cheapest car insurance possible.

P.S I wonder how much the car insurance for the car pictured above would cost. I’m going to guess it would cost more than my entire car.

^ this really makes me sad to think about lol.